Keratin Lash Elixir


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      Directions: Apply daily on lashes for repairing and conditioning.

      Professional Price: $25

      Suggested Retail Price: $75


      How elastic and resistant our eyelash hairs are, depends on how intact the structure of the fiber is. Every chemical treatment stresses the lash, and lash lifts results in a decrease in keratin. Small keratin gaps arise, the hair slowly loses strength and suppleness.


      Our Keratin Elixir penetrates into the hair shaft, adheres to the cracks along the dandruff layer and fills the affected hair with keratin, collagen and silk extracts to repair damage and seal the lash. 

      Our Keratin Elixir contains Betaine, Collagen and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein.

      Betaine conditions and protects the lash against dehydration. It also increases the strength of the lash.

      Collagen helps maintain the moisture in your hair, making  the eyelash supple, soft and shiny. It also provides lash density and provides a protective film on the lash.

      Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein deposits keratin protein to the lash to repair damage.


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